Advertising media - SEYDEL-Affiliate program

Please use the provided adverts only for linking us from your website. Use the provided affiliate link (see"my Account/Affiliate").

SEYDEL-Advertising media - Please use the direct link to include the pics into your page or download them with right-click


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Here is an example code for placing an affiliate logo to a myspace page or your to a blog-page:

Paste the following html-code on the top of a textfield of your page, or wherever you like to place the logo:

<P><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"></A>

IMPORTANT: XYZ should be replaced by your affiliate ID that you can find in your account on the SEYDEL page. You can replace the logo type by altering the blue part of the code to the appropriate banner/logo file-name!

Non of the logos provided do match your page-design?

Please send an e-mail to bertram.becher(ad)



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