1880 to 1914

From 1880 to World War 1 - Seydel allover the world.

Early in the 1870s C.A. Seydel made some connections to North America, which were strengthened by his sons Richard and Moritz.

By the 1890s, Seydel harmonicas were being sold around the world.”

King Billy
was an advertising character , that should express an Australian aborigenee.
It was used up to the 1920ties.

It's very interesting, how asthetical imaginations chnage during the centuries.
With a character like this one nobody would be able to raise his sales anymore.

First harmonica orchestras
started to develop, however in company with other instruments.
The bass- and chordharmonicas were developed recently later to set up a complete orchestra.

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1880 to 1914
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