After 1946

1947 the company is about to celebrate a great event:

100 years of Seydel harmonicas

However, the split of Germany into an Eastern and Western part will become bitter reality for the two owner families:

Under Russian occpation the the company is declared to be under gouvernmental administration.
Shortly afterwards it's named VEB plant 5 of the Klingenthal Harmonika Works. Then in 1953, together with other formerly private companies, the VEB Harmona (United Harmonica works) was created, which operated separately from the larger Klingenthal Harmonica Works.
In 1964, when harmonica demand was very low, VEB Harmona was merged with the VEB Klingenthal Harmonica Works.

Diversification ended and there were only a few models produced, but in huge quantities.
It is said, that the production was delivered by weight in containers.

Up to 400 people worked in the old factory on the bottom of Aschberg and during the 1950s a new extension was built, which is the home of our current production.

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After 1946
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