The Comeback

In November 2004 the insolvency of the company with its traditional manufacturing methods had become public and nobody would have bet even one cent on its future survival.
Literally at the last minute an investor was found: the music enthusiasts of Niama Media.

Everybody was impressed by the loyal attitude of the staff, they kept holding on and kept the company going, though the loan hadn't been paid for months.

Everyone in the investors group realized the importance of preserving the companies nearly 160-year history and its important role in the weak economic infrastructure of the Klingenthal community. They wholeheartedly supported the harmonica manufacturing and fostered a determination that, in the future, the company should be one of the best.

An ideal chairman was found in the person of mangement expert Lars Seifert, a young native of Klingenthal.

The priority now is for retooling which is quickly under way.
Seydel has the ambition to be a company that produces for the individual customizer - the possibilities for ordering different custom tunings will be upgraded and the product line will be aligned to the very top of the market.
In addition an efficient distribution system will be built up - all of these approaches together will guarantee the motto of the company:

My Sound, my Seydel.

Our latest instruments you will find >here
The Comeback
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