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Chris Bauer

Born and raised on New York’s Long Island, Chris was surrounded by the harmonica since his father had a harmonica trio of his own. He started playing at age nine and began appearing with his father’s trio by thirteen.

At sixteen, Chris placed third in a worldwide harmonica competition and in 1987, placed fourth in a field of 27 at the International Harmonica Federation competition, both times finishing as the highest placed American harmonica player.

Since then, Chris has performed at many venues including B.B. Kings (guest artist for Dickey Betts) and Kenny’s Castaways in New York.

Chris is a regular contributing writer to The Harmonica Educator magazine on jazz topics and continues to work on recording projects that exemplify jazz harmonica. He also performs both in jazz trio or quartet settings, and as a soloist utilizing custom backgrounds that provide the sound of a jazz ensemble.

Simply put, Chris Bauer performs popular jazz standards on the chromatic harmonica with a repertoire from upbeat bop tunes to cool Latin numbers to soulful ballads.

Playing harmonica for 40 years, his performance and recording experiences are diverse including jazz gigs, harmonica trios, church worship bands, production library tracks, even recording “Mack the Knife” with a reggae band! He performs and gives harmonica technique seminars at many festivals around the country.

This is what Chris says about the SEYDEL SAXONY CHROMATIC:

"The Saxony is a superbly built harmonica. The tonal quality is very warm, the responsiveness is consistent across the entire range of the instrument, and the slide is extremely smooth."

Press about Chris:

“Chris Bauer is one of the most enjoyable Jazz harmonica players I have heard.” Ferdinand Maylin, Jazz Now Interactive

“Chris Bauer has both the chops and the pedigree of a bona fide jazzman. His lineage speaks for itself and confirms the old saying about apples and trees. But beyond the DNA, his playing swings mightily and his solos are inventive and satisfying. Anyone not responding to the music of Chris Bauer should be checked for a pulse.” Frank Dorritie, Producer, Art Blakey, Cal Tjader

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Chris Bauer
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