Isabella Krapf

Harmonica playing is one of her many activities.
  • She also collects and trades old harmonicas.
  • She is familiar with the history of Klingenthal and knows our company better then many Klingenthal inhabitants.
  • She writes for several harmonica publications and undertakes research for the American publication, "Harmonica Educator".
  • And of course, she teaches as well.

Isabella got her first diatonic harmonica at the age of 8 and was immediately hooked.
Having been slightly disappointed that she couldn't play the Blue Danube on it, for her 10th birthday she received a chromatic harmonica.

The chromatic harmonica is now her main method of making music, alongside the piano, trumpet, percussion instruments and singing.

This year she will perform in Chicago and at two concerts in Philadelphia and Florida. The photograph below shows her with the two unreached masters of the harmonica, namely Howard Levy ("diatonic") and Jerry Adler (chromatic).

Isabella Krapf

Isabella Krapf
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