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Jimi Lee

At the 2006 Austin Songwriter Group (ASG) "Song Contest" awards in June, Jimi Lee received 1st Place in the Blues category for the second year running; also in 2005 he received 1st Place in Pop, 2nd Place in Jazz, and 3rd Place in Rock.

He won the "San Antonio Blues Challenge" and represented Texas in 2005 at the "International Blues Challenge" (IBC) in Memphis.

This Indiana-born harmonica master grew up in the San Francisco Bay area in a musically talented family. It wasn't long before Jimi Lee's dynamic vocals and flaming hot harmonica solos rocketed him into recognition. He ignited shows for giants like Muddy Waters, Bobby Blue Bland and John Lee Hooker. Jimi's smokin' harmonica chops landing him gigs with Willie Nelson, Clarence Clemons, Steven Stills, Coco Montoya and Chicago's own "shuffle master" Sam Lay.

He spent 12 years in Hawaii captivating audiences from around the world and was voted "Best in the State" by the Hawaiian Blues Society. In 2006 he was added as "Coach" to Jon Gindick's "Harmonica Jam Camp". In 2005 (SPAH) put Jimi Lee on as an Annual Entertainer.

His dynamic sound radiates an energy that moves the audience.

Jimi Lee - harmonica, guitar, vocals, songwriter, teacher, entertainer extraordinaire - Seydel is lucky to have him on board!

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Jimi Lee
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