Keith Parker

I became interested in music at a very early age listening to Radio Luxembourg and the pirate radio stations on a transistor radio, then one day in 1964 I heard “ Not fade Away” by the Rolling Stones, this just blew me away and what was that fabulous sound a harmonica?

After several visits to my local music shop and having spent all my pocket money on chromatic and tremolo harmonicas I came home with a diatonic and I set out on the road to discovering the Blues and just what this simple instrument could offer.

40 years later the old harp has long since gone and been replaced with SEYDEL 1847’s, but I am still discovering just what emotion & passion can be squeezed from this little stick of dynamite, I do not think anyone completely masters it there is always more.

The blues harmonica now dominates most of my spare time, I play clubs and festivals with my band "The Untouchables" I teach students how to play it, I write articles for magazines about it and I advise some of the top pro players how to get the best-amplified sound from it.

I am on a mission to play at jam sessions around the world and the list is totting up, on a recent session in a Chicago club playing with Vance Kelly I was paid the compliment “ it takes a white boy from London to show us how to play Chicago blues harmonica” Cool!!!!!!! I can describe my sound and style as having its roots in Chicago which has blossomed over the years into something like a fine wine smooth and mellow with a strong bite.

At the age of 55 my passion for the instrument still grows, It has enabled me to meet some very interesting people all over the world most of who I now count as friends. What else can you buy with pocket money that gives so much pleasure to the player and the listener? I am looking forward to the next 40 years with a SEYDEL blues harmonica, come and join me.

Keith Parker
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