Moira Serfling

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Moira Serfling
Harmonica and Pop? mode of songwriting from two perfectly different, yet, compatible styles of vocals accompanied by an ensemble of acoustic instrumentation and sounds, driven by an unrelenting innovative sound of loop station extra crispy, create the new birth in sound that is NERVLING.

"Probably the best Duo in the World". (The International New Music Journal).

MOIRA SERFLING and TOM BAETZEL, with a "new sound creation", from Guitar, Glockenspiel, Blues Harmonica & Percussion enthrals us and envelopes us within an atmosphere of sound filled with their unforgettable fragrance of music that sweetens our soul.

With a great many of feeling and musicality MOIRA SERFLING plays her harmonica in the musical context of Nervling that could be described as "advanced pop" - always subserving their music but powerful in the right moments!
...but listen by yourself!!

An this is what Moira says about our 1847: "The Classic is my absolute favorite, each note can fill a whole room. Ideal for the music of Nervling, because the organic sound the 1847 increases the value of our music."

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Moira Serfling
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