Exchanging Reedplates

Exchanging Reedplates

Replacing reedplates can be done very easily

In the early days of the harmonicas most models were built to be disposible products. Today all parts can be replaced. This is especially the case for the reedplates. Depending on playing time and the way in which they are played, reeds have a wear-cycle, which sooner or later will lead to fatigue and fracture.
If a note detunes to a lower pitch it signifies the beginning of this fracture and it makes no sense tune it up again and a new reedplate is needed.

For the new Seydel Harmonicas a screwdriver e.g. PZ0 is sufficient.

>Hands-on video: Changing reedplates











Using a Pozdrv 0 cross-slot screwdriver, open the left and the right cover screw.
(It might be useful to hold down the counter-nut with your finger)














blowplate up












unscrewing the reedplates


















removing the plates














The comb

If the comb is really dirty, clean it under flowing water.










Do not mix up lower (draw) and upper (blow) plate. On blow reedplates the rivets are arranged parallel to the front edge of the reedplate. On the draw plate the tip ends of the reeds are facing to the mouth side and are arranged parallel to the front edge. 


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