The SEYDEL advent calendar

Until the 24th of December we will raffle one high-quality item from our product range every day!

To take part in tomorrow's raffle* just write a short >message!

(please give your postal address)

We will open one of the "small doors" for you every day:

The winners will be contacted via email. Please send us only one message per day and let us know your full name and postal address (we only use it for contacting the winners and sending the items).

The SEYDEL team wishes you good luck and a great Christmas season...and do not forget your Christmas shopping in our >eShop!



1st Dec.: Rune Enuksen - Lillesand / Norway

2nd Dec.: Katja Tiele - Berlin / Germany

3rd Dec.: Matti Aksela - Jorvas / Finland

4th Dec.: Dorian Redak - Wien / Austria

5th Dec.: Antje Sandrock-Böger - Darmstadt / Germany

6th Dec.: Chris David - Tooradin / Australia

7th Dec.: Marco Amoretti - Ivrea / Italy

8th Dec.: Burke Hopkins - Boise - Idaho / USA

9th Dec.: Oswald Stalder - Oberburg / Switzerland

10th Dec.: Odilo Esser - Mainz / Germany

11th Dec.: Reyhan Naufal - Jaktim / Indonesia

12th Dec.: John Shorthouse - Hemel Hempstead / United Kingdom

13th Dec.: Michael Parker - Toronto / Canada

14th Dec.: Bodo Süß - Dresden / Germany

15th Dec.: Corey Lindsey - Missoula MT / USA

16th Dec.: Rafael Henrique Siqueira Rodrigues - São Paulo / Brazil

17th Dec.: Wolfgang Pertack - Auerbach / Germany

18th Dec.: Freddy van den Broek - Heerlen / Netherlands

19th Dec.: Stijn Wouters - Mortsel / Belgien

20th Dec.: Davor Babic - Lund / Sweden

21st Dec.: Michael Williams - Honolulu / USA

22nd Dec.: Stefan Oprea - Köln / Germany

23rd Dec.: Bill Haynes - Faringdon / UK

24th Dec.: Silvio Teutonico - Sutz / Switzerland

*The decision is final.

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