New: The SYMPHONY Grand Cromatic

PREMIERE: The first 16-hole chromatic harmonica with stainless steel reeds

The brand-new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is a professional chromatic harmonica with uniquely-inspired technical developments that sets new standards in terms of sound, airtightness, playability, and reliability.

The high-quality, contemporary ergonomic design guarantees longevity and maximum playing comfort, leaving nothing to be desired. The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is available in two variants:

with aluminium body and trapezoidal-shaped mouthpiece = variant 'ALU' or

with a transparent-green acrylic body and halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece = variant 'ACRYL'.

Both variants will be shipped with a newly developed heatable case and accessories.


>learn more about the unique features of the new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic

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