SEYDEL goes mobile - open the Harp-o-matic on your mobile!

Smart help and training program for harmonica-players of today!

The Harp-o-matic is a small web application developed by mr.Flasher, Jim, and XyHb.

It allows you to train and remember scales and positions for harmonicas in different keys and tunings.

How to use:
- Choose the harmonica key and tuning ("Richter" is standard tuning)

- Choose the melody key and scale.

The notes used will be highlighted grey on the harmonica layout. Root notes will be highlighted gold. The position number is shown below the harmonica/melody controls.

For best convenience (on the iPhone), load the Harp-o-matic, then click the "+" below in safari, and choose "add to home screen" - harpomatic will be added to the device as a web-app, and will run FULLSCREEN!

WM-smartphones - opera mini & opera mobile.
Does NOT work with pocket IE!

For online use only.

Have fun and feel free to >share the link
(shortlink: >http://tinyurl.com/mwfp36)!

Thanks to Jim!

The SEYDEL team

Compatibility: Harp-o-matic is tested and works with:
windows - opera9 & 10, firefox 3, safari 4. Does NOT work in IE8! mac os - opera 9 & 10, firefox 3, safari 4.iphone

Click the mobile to start!



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