NHL-Meeting Bristol (UK) - pickings

p> At this year's meeting of the NHL in Bristol (UK) the full spectrum of harmonica artists and enthusiasts were present.

We had much fun at the concerts, where mostly single artists or small groups took center stage. So the audience could listen to many different musical styles at once in one event - a concept that is really good because the Blueser is confronted with Classics and the Folk-fan suddenly listens to a frisky Jazz performance.


Additionaly there were evening-performances of international recognized artists as well - the outstanding artist of the festival was >William Galison from New York, who convinced with his perfect play on the chromatic, the diatonic and the guitar. He played together with a professional playing Jazz-band provided by the organizers and inflamed a musical fireworks that electrified the audience.

The english Bluesers of the harmonica player and singer >West Weston played a perfect Chicago style Blues which was a pleasure to listen to.

We were happy about many many constructive talks at our booth and about player's large interest in our instruments in the fully occupied SEYDEL workshop.

This year's highlight again were the harmonica contests held on the last day of the festival. The competitions showed us the unbroken interest in playing the harmonica in England - no matter which age the players were!

Many thanks to the organizers at the NHL - we will be happy to be there again in 2009!

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