SPAH Convention - Pickings

SPAH 2008-Pickings

The Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Charlie Musslewhite at the Saturday night banquet, and it was wonderful to see him recognized for his great contribution to music, and humbling and gratifying to know that he has chosen Seydel Harmonicas to express his inner passion.

Charlie Musselwhite and Tom Stryker

PT Gazell, with Brendan Power and friends, gave a super concert on Friday night, and unveiled the new Jazz CD "Back to Back" which features PT playing custom valved Seydel diatonic harps, and Brendan playing Suzuki chromatics. Seydel and Suzuki joined forces co-operatively to help these artists complete this groundbreaking CD, which can be purchased through our webshop.

...available in the >SEYDEL-eShop !

Charlie, PT, LD and Jimi all assisted in the Seydel Seminar, hosted by our USA representative Rupert Oysler, where the Seydel story and products were presented and questions were answered. Dr. John Schaman, our man from Canada, also helped in the seminar, and made a terrific contribution at the Harmonicas and Health meeting.

Dale and Jimi Lee

The Harmonicas and Health Committee has been formed to look at how harmonica playing can improve health, and many wonderful anecdotal reports were made by the Chairmen, Dr. Victor Yun, and Terry Rand, as well as Mary Jane Gormley. Dr. Schaman presented his early findings in the first major Scientific Research.

Charlie Musselwhite und Dr. John Schaman

His >Cardio-respiratory clinic is about to celebrate the 30th anniversary, and he just began some programs to study the benefits of harmonica playing. His instrument of choice is the new Seydel 1847 Silver, and Rupert joined him in revealing the cleanliness features that are unique to this model. He also reported that patients chose the 1847 Silver because the pride of ownership in this great musical instrument helped them to practice more and thus increase the benefits.

Rupert and Charlile

Everyone who attended this years SPAH walked away amazed at what is musically possible on the harmonica, and how the intimate expressiveness seems unlimited. It is an honor and joy for C A Seydel Sohne to be able to contribute to the players and receivers of this true gift.

Tom Stryker, Rupert Oysler und Charlie Musselwhite

Documentory on the American TV about this year's SPAH convention

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