Soundcheck Vol. 2

You are looking for a demanding band to play along with your Blues harmonica?

Your band is ready:

  • 11 playback tracks recorded by professional musicians
  • convenient access to all tracks available in 12 keys
  • different Blues styles
  • playing tips for positions 1 to 3
  • CD-Rom with multimedia software for PC/Mac
  • all pieces also availbale as mp3-files

Check it out online now:

Here you will find the >Freeware-Version !

With this multimedia-software you can get the band to your computer or your mp3-player. This music is really fun to play!

What makes this playback collection special are the 11 Blues- and Blues-related tracks, available in all 12 keys and therefore are suited for many soloing instruments like guitar, sax, tompet etc..

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