New: the Hyperamp HA 1510 REV MK II

The new Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II offers a lot of nw features for the harmonica players. These make the new Hyperamp one of the most versatile harmonica-amplifiers. We will show up a prototype at this year's festival >Mundharmonika-Live in Klingenthal/Germany. It will be available by the end of this year.

For the second version (Mark II) we changed important technical details according to suggestions of many Hyperamp MK I users:


1) The Gain/Volume controls now allow to produce the beloved warm and beefy Chicago sound already at lower volumes – low or high-impedance microphones can be used and the “crunch“ can be adjusted individually.

2) The new AUX-IN input on the front panel can be connected to any mp3-player or other sound sources. So it is easily possible to play along to your famous tracks without additional Hifi-equipment.

3) A built-in stand/pedestal at the bottom-front can be used to angle up the amp: therefore the player can hear his playing better and the overall sound projection is largely improved.

4) The built-in spring reverb is tube-driven as well resulting in an authentic vintage style reverb for the authentic Chicago Blues sound.

5) Line-Out or additional external speaker? Both is possible – so the new Hyperamp MK II can be used on any stage no matter how small or large it is.

6) Combined INPUT: Guitar  jack or XLR: All kinds of mirophones (high- or low-impedance) can be connected to the Hyperamp!


 >find the product page here


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