SEYDEL Endorser Andy Grünert at the IBC


...latest news: unfortunatelly they did not get into the finals though they played very well!!



Greyhound George and Andy Grünert could not win the German Blues Challenge that took place in the hot summerdays of 2015 at the market place in Eutin/Germany - but as the best German duo-act and because of their really good performance they arewere nominated to represent Germany at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis/USA.

The winner of the German Blues Challenge in Eutin is the young band Wellbad from Hamburg. They also will fly together with the duo from Bielefeld/Germany to the "melting pot of the Blues". The IBC will take place from  January 26-30, 2016 on Beale Street in Memphis. Good luck!!!

>a video from their GBC performance is available here

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