Construction ot the SAXONY CHROMATIC

This harmonica opens a new dimension of SEYDEL's long tradition of making quality harmonicas. Precision, made in Klingenthal/SAXONY/Germany.

All components were rethought and improved – the result is the SAXONY CHROMATIC – a master’s instrument that fits professional demands.



• Full, loud sound and fast tone response due to the stainless steel reeds: durable and stable in pitch evenwith heavy duty playing

• Reliable valving - new windsaver material

• Less air-loss due to optimized reed plates made of German Silver – optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reeds and reed plate slots

• New mouthpiece with round openings

• Improved slider package design – optimized for air-tightness and comfortable action

• New cover plate surface, stainless steel, matt – comfortable on the lips and glides easily during playing

• Cover plates opened wide at the back and crimped to allow the overtone-rich sound to spread out unhindered

• High precision manufactured aluminium comb – optimized for ideal tone-response, with design coating in metallic look



• 12 holes

• 48 stainless steel reeds

• Comb: aluminium, special coating

• Coverplates: stainless steel, matt or shiny

• Mouthpiece: chromed metal, round holes

• Reedplates: German Silver 1mm

• Weight: 250g (8.6 Oz)

• Dimensions: 158 x 36 x 30 mm (6.22 x 1.42 x 1.18 inches)



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