December 2012

Dear SEYDEL friend!

This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE - the oldest harmonica factory in the world.

At the moment we get many calls through our telephone hotline. The question asked most is:

"Does my order arrive in-time for X-mas?"

Our last working day before Christmas is the 21st of December - we can guarantee that all orders placed until then and before 12 pm will be shipped on the same day*.

*to be valid for all items in stock (but not for special custom products)


New: The SEYDEL SESSION STEEL Special Winter Edition

Winters in Klingenthal are strong and usually long. This might be one reason that for centuries the people in this region find the time to consistently create superior musical instruments. Like the new SEYDEL SESSION STEEL Special Winter Edition!

In addition to its superior technical reliability and perfect playability, it has a new visual appearance: we call it “sparkling”. The new comb is made of ABS plastic and combines with the approved Seydel Stainless Steel reeds to provide a great sound - which, by the way, should last much longer than this offer, since the Special Winter Edition will only be available as long as we have winter here.

Plus you can profit from a price advantage if you choose the Special Winter Edition > set of six instruments. Here you will receive a free harmonica and convenient gigbag, all for the price of 5 harmonicas (savings of $79.90).


New CD from SEYDEL Endorser "Barefood" Iano: Mountain Men - HOPE

In 2009 the first album of the duo "Mountain Men" (Mathieu Guillou & Ian Giddey) was nominated for the Blues Foundation Awards in the US - an unusual success for a French/Australien duo!

With their new CD "HOPE" both musicians go new directions - the Blues in their music is still peaking through here and there, but the interpretation of their own songs is really exceptional, tasteful and it is not possible at all to assign their music too only on genre...for those of you who will not have the chance to see them playing live: you should not miss this felicitous CD!


A marvelous Christmas gift: The BIG SIX SET

The BIG SIX SET is made for beginners and advanced players – it constists of six instruments in the most commonly used keys: G, A, Bb, C, D, F. The tutorial provided on the USB-stick which is part of the set offers material for learning and playing along.

> avilable in the SEYDEL eShop


Have a nice (and musical) Advent season,


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