September 2013

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James Cotton plays the SAMPLER

Blues harmonmica master James Cotton is primarily a diatonic player, so, what did he do when a SEYDEL SAMPLER landed in his hands?

He picked it up and after a short explanation about the fact that it is indeed a diatonic harp with two keys and three octaves, he tore into it. He had that SAMPLER confessing the blues with the rich tone that you know to be SEYDEL. Stainless steel reeds and half-valving give it all the flexibility and durability you need.

Cotton has it as part of his set and you can, too! Pick up a SAMPLER and experience the innovation and tradition that makes SEYDEL the choice of the masters!

The SESSION STEEL Summer Edition will be discontinued at the beginning of fall

We will stop producing and selling the SEYDEL SESSION STEEL Summer Edition on the 21st of September 2013.

Customers will be able to get the special matt coverplates as well as the translucent yellow combs in the spare part section of the regular >SESSION STEEL model.

We like to say thank you to all visitors and participants of the 13th festival Mundharmonika-Live / Klingenthal / Germany

We offered three mastercalss workshops, a Blues harmonica contest (SEYDEL open) and a lot of concerts as well as factory round tours at SEYDEL's.

We all felt the very special and personal atmosphere of the festival and we really like to see you as well in September 2014!

Pictures and videos from the event and the winners of the SEYDEL open can be found >here



Visit us in Klingenthal!

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