December 2013

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This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE - we regularely inform you about all activities around the harmonica.

IMPORTANT: All €€-based orders will be shipped until the 22nd of December - all orders placed in $$ (applies to US and Canada orders only) will be shipped until the 20th of December 2013.

"...if you're looking for a compact quality harp, SEYDEL has excelled on this beautiful sounding stainless steel reeded BIG SIX with BIG SOUND. If you're a harmonica newbie like me you'll be pleasantly surprised by the big sound of this easy to play pocket harp." - Dan B.

> here you will find the BIG SIX products


"The Blues Beginner Pack is the perfect choice for a beginner...but even advanced players can profit from it. Cool sound examples on the CD, booklet with well explained knowledge, made by professionals and interactive computer program. You will quickly reach the goal!" - Marco R.

> here you will find the Soundcheck Vol.1 Blues Beginner Pack


Christmas Greetings from the members of the "Cowichan Harmonica Band" who sent us this nice picture - together with the following comment:

"It’s amazing - as a group - the different sound the Seydels with the Steel Reeds make - it was noticed by the lady that plays the piano!" - George Blumel

> here you will find the SAXONY Chromatic


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