April 2014

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This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE - we regularely inform you about all activities around the harmonica.

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The 1847 family - CLASSIC - SILVER - NOBLE

The 1847, a harmonica, that impresses from innovation but nevertheless fits all traditional demands - a master's instrument for maximum ambitions - Mark Hummel, Charlie Musselwhite and James Cotton and many other great players play these outstanding instruments!

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The ORCHESTRA S: We are excited to offer a ten-hole, solo-tuned harmonica (Orchestra-tuning)! As with the chromatic harmonica, all notes from the major scale are available throughout a two-and-a-half octave range (available in LC and G).

The new ORCHESTRA S is tuned to lend itself well to any musical preference - from Folk to Blues. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, you will find your musical expression, in perfect tuning.

> learn more about the ORCHESTRA S - detailed tutorial available here


SEYDEL endorsers introduced: Stacie Collins

We are very happy to welcome American Roots Rock Lady Stacie Collins on board of the SEYDEL boat! In April and May 2014 she is touring Europe with her band - they will be in Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, Austria and in Switzerland - don't miss her!

> listen to Stacie Collins and watch her artist profile

> Stacie Collins' tourplan


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