May 2014

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This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE - we regularely inform you about all activities around the harmonica.

> Please download the new SEYDEL catalog 2014 here (pdf)

SEYDEL's SAXONY Chromatic - our best Chromatic Harmonica

You are looking for a professional chromatic harmonica that you can rely on 100%? Many happy customers confirm the unique sonority and high reliability of this professional Chromatic Harmonica - available in C or G and in C-Orchestra tuning.

> learn more about these outstanding instruments


The 'real summer' is approaching soon - we have it for you already!

Therefore we offer the new SESSION STEEL SUMMER EDITION - equipped with SEYDEL's unique stainless steel reeds and available for a limited time only in summer 2014.

> get your instrument (available in the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D or F) - or in a set of 6


Two new tutorials for you: learn more about the SEYDEL SAMPLER and the ORCHESTRA S

Browse >"Worth Knowing Info"-section on our webside - you will find a lot of interesting information around the harmonica!

> worth knowing info and tips

> detailed tutorial for the SEYDEL SAMPLER

> detailed tutorial for the SEYDEL ORCHESTRA-S


SEYDEL at the 17th Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana / Italy - May 28th - June 1st

Acoustic Guitar and harmonica complement each other very well. Therefore our Italian distributor will show our instruments at the 17th Acoustic Guitar Meeting. You are invited to drop in and jam at the SEYDEL booth!

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