June 2014

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> download the new SEYDEL catalog 2014 here (pdf)


NEW - introductory offer:
The PULMONICA® - the first pulmonary harmonica for non-musicians

The PULMONICA® is a brilliant solution for patients who want to improve their lung function and want to take an active role in keeping themselves well. Do you have difficulty breathing and want to improve your breathing and health?

Breathe better in as little as two weeks. No musical ability needed.

The PULMONICA® is a deep, resonant, meditative sounding harmonica that gently pulses the lungs, improves oxygen supply and helps loosing secretions - at the same time it exercises the structures that work the lungs and trains diaphragmatic breathing. The PULMONICA® is a good supplement to existing physical therapies... and it will be a joy to play and train!

> more information and a sound example of the PULMONICA® can be found here



And the winners are...Video raffle: How SEYDEL revolutionized harmonica engineering...

Many thanks to all of you who watched and commented our new >official video. We were bowled over by so many positive and complimentary comments.

Each of you who wrote a comment on >YouTube, >Facebook or via email took part in our little raffle!

Here are the winners and their comments:

1x >1847 CLASSIC goes to Peter W. Thorneycroft (Australia - via E-Mail)

"It seemed like more than one night! However, the personal attention to fine detail is evident in the video and in the Seydel Harmonicas I have ordered directly from the factory. They sound and play beautifully. It is amazing to be able to order custom tunings, and have them lovingly made by specialised hands."

1x >1847 SILVER goes to Scott McCullough (USA - via Facebook)

"After trying nearly every out-of-the-box diatonic on the market over the years, I have found my sound with Seydel."

1x >1847 NOBLE goes to Wang Yu-Ching (Taiwan - via Youtube)

"Before watching this video, I think SEYDEL harmonicas are pricy, but after watching this video, i think SEYDEL is worth every penny and the seriousness in their craftsmanship is amazing and admiring....really touching!"


SEYDEL endorser introduced: Guy Bélanger from Canada

For decades he has traveled his country blazing a new trail with his harmonica - Guy Bélanger recorded many award-winning film soundtracks or plays live - rooted in Blues he and his awesome band play amazingly crafted music including style elements from Jazz, Blues, and Rock in their songs.

A true perspective of his work is found in his new CD >"Dusty Trails" - a successful album that records his long journey through the world of music - a journey in which he continues to use his 1847 harmonicas!

> more information and sound examples can be found on his artist page


The instruments from the 1847-family

We hear from many customers that after a long journey of of searching for their personal sound they arrived at one of the three different 1847 Blues harmonica models...MY SOUND-MY SEYDEL!

> convince yourself now: The 1847-family


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