November 2014

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"...when I ordered my first SEYDEL SESSION STEEL, from the very first time I played it, bluesy tones that I could not get from another harmonica could easily be played. These harmonicas are more expressive and so tone rich, every time I pick my SESSION STEEL up, I know that I'm going to get consistent performance... Thank you Seydel for making such a robust and fantastic sounding product!" -Bo M.

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"The Blues Beginner Pack is the perfect choice for a beginner...but even advanced players can profit from it. Cool sound examples on the CD, booklet with well explained knowledge, made by professionals and interactive computer program. You will quickly reach the goal!"- Marco R.

This is the perfect gift package! Comes with multimedia-tutorial (for PC, Mac, Linux) - contains all you need to start from the scratch!

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SEYDEL-endorser introduced: Frédéric Yonnet - on tour with the greatest pop artists

His impressive style has led to performances, tours and recordings with some of the heaviest hitters in the music business including the legendary Stevie Wonder and the iconic Prince. Rolling Stone magazine referred to Yonnet as “Prince’s killer harmonica player”.

With his SEYDEL harmonicas Frédéric Yonnet creates a unique sound - it funks - it rocks - it hips and hops - it grooves - it sways - it testifies - it prays. His playing has a reference for gospel, blues and jazz while appealing to a generation bred on pop rock and hip-hop - modern harmonica for the 21st century!

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