May 2015

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Two weeks left: the #harmonica_of_the_month_5:

The FAVORITE PowerDraw, half-valved in A* - for masterful Bending

If you feel familiar with playing in holes 1-6 on Richter diatonic already (or you play our BIG SIX model), the PowerDraw is a good choice for you.

Master the upper register with ease and explore additional blow bendings!

> detailed info in the SEYDEL Custom Shop

*comes with free zipper-beltbag!


Don't forget to send us your SUMMER EDITION pictures

...and win a faithfully reproduced Porsche 911-die cast model!

Your chance to win: when you purchase a SEYDEL SESSION STEEL Summer Edition 2015 you will get the chance to win an exclusive GT SPIRIT die-cast model Porsche 911 RS 2.7 Touring 1972 in viper green (scale 1:12, 345x140x115mm).

An entry card for the raffle is packed to each instrument!

> get yours in the SEYDEL eShop


Learn from the real master: SEYDEL endorser PT Gazell (USA) - Masterclass Workshop: "Pop, Country and Jazz Harmonica"

Masterclass workshop with PT GAZELL (USA) in Klingenthal/Germany (Sept. 15th-18th, 2015), Waldhotel-Vogtland - (Language: English/Deutsch) - please bring your diatonic harmonicas in A, C and D.

PT Gazell is the master of playing Jazz and other music genres on > half-valved diatonics. However, during the workshop you can use your standard tenhole harmonicas without any problems. If you are interested in learning to play with a half-valved harmonica we will offer three valve sets for free for your existing harmonicas. There will be the oportunity to half-valve one of your instruments with the aid of a SEYDEL-technician.

At the end of the workshop the annual > festival Mundharmonika-live starts with many harmonica-players, factory tours, concerts, the harmonica contest SEYDEL open and jam sessions!

> register now in the SEYDEL eShop and visit us in Klingenthal


Best wishes and good luck from the oldest harmonica maker in the world!

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