June 2015

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This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE where we keep you informed about all of the latest harmonica happenings.

The minimum order number of our campaign #harmonica_of_the_month was reached and the instruments ordered in May now enter production and will be sent out as soon as possible.

In June we present the #harmonica_of_the_month_6:

In June only: the #harmonica_of_the_month_6:

The SOLIST PRO 12 STEEL - Four-Times Richter in LC ...the ideal Blues buddy*

The Four-Times-Richter Tuning is a simple and intuitive note layout for all players that mostly play Blues in 2nd position (cross-harp).

The bending notes in holes 1-3 are the "salt in a soup of Blues improvisation” on the harmonica - the SOLIST PRO 12 STEEL in Four-Times Richter tuning is well-prepared!

> listen to the sound and watch a video in the SEYDEL Custom Shop

*comes with free zipper-beltbag!


The 1847 family - CLASSIC - SILVER - NOBLE

The 1847 CLASSIC is CHarlie Musselwhite's first choice. THe instruments form the 1847 series with SEYDEL's unique stainless steel reeds impress from innovation but nevertheless fit all traditional demands: dynamic playing and full sound coupled with long service live.

> learn more about the master's choice


NEW CD: SEYDEL endorser CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE published a new blues album

"I Ain't Lyin'..." is the name of this ver well sounding live-recording from Charlie Musselwhite. The songs all written by Charlie resonate with the South itself.

> ...listen to the new CD on Charlie's webpage



Best wishes and good luck from the oldest harmonica maker in the world!

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