August 2015

Dear SEYDEL friend!

This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE where we keep you informed about all of the latest harmonica happenings.

The minimum order number of our campaign #harmonica_of_the_month for August was reached within a few days and the instruments are being shipped out as soon as possible.

In September we present the #harmonica_of_the_month_9:

In September only: the #harmonica_of_the_month_9:

SAXONY CHROMATIC - Jazz & Blues Edition Bb ...convenient playing in Brass keys

This instrument is the key to more fluent soloing in original keys - no matter if you like to play Jazz or Blues!

> available for four weeks only in the SEYDEL eShop


Often overlooked - the SEYDEL-Bookshop

On our webpage we offer a big variety of tutorial books for harmonica players - no matter if you are playing the Chromatic or the Diatonic harmonica - there is something for everyone!

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The SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 4 - ORCHESTRA S - tutorial (with or without instrument)

No matter if you own an ORCHESTRA S in LC already or not we offer the this unique tutorial book for those players who like to play melodies.

This beginner's tutorial is presented in an educational and fresh style. It will help you to learn how to play melodies on the harmonica - CD with examples and many songs included.

> more info in the SEYDEL eShop

SPAH 2015 - pickings from our journey to Denver/CO

Arrived back home in good condition we would like to say thank you to all visitors at our booth and also to all workshop participants. Loud praise goes to the organizers of the Miles High Harmonic Club who succeeded in presenting an awesome harmonica meeting!

> a nice picture gallery can be found here




Best wishes and good luck from the oldest harmonica maker in the world!

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