October 2015

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The minimum order number of our campaign #harmonica_of_the_month for September was reached and the instruments are being shipped out as soon as possible.

In October we present the #harmonica_of_the_month_10:

In October only: the #harmonica_of_the_month_10:

SESSION STEEL - DiMiNiShEd LF# ...play chromatically in 12 keys on a single instrument!

Diminished is actually the name of a chord and a scale. For example the diminished chord in C contains the notes: C, Eb, Gb (and A). The scale contains C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A and B.

The Diminished-Tuning for diatonic harmonicas has the same symmetrical order of notes. This layout makes it possible to reach all chromatic notes with simple semi-tone draw bendings alone - not too difficult to learn!

> find out more and listen to the sound examples played by Alfred Hirsch


Check out the Half-Valved Diatonics from the PT Gazell-Series

The valves are put on the draw plate of 1-6 and on blow plate of 7-10. This leads to better air-tightness of the instrument - bending notes are still playable...but this is not everything!

In addition the player can get the blow-bending notes in holes 1-6 blow and the draw bendings in 7-10!! So as the result all notes of the chromatic scale become available without overblowing!

> order your PT-Gazell harmonica now in the SEYDEL eShop


Pickings: MUNDHARMONIKA-LIVE festival 2015 in Klingenthal/Germany

The SEYDEL-Team says thank you to all visitors, musicians and helpers! The Festival was a big success and we would appreciate your visit in 2016 - schedule the 3rd weekend of September for your journey to Klingenthal/Germany and visit us at mundharmonika-live 2016!

SEYDEL Endorser PT Gazell gave as brilliant introduction into playing on his half-valved diatonics (see above) and listeners were impressed by PT's great playing on these instruments!

The Blues Harmonica-contest SEYDEL open 2015 was a great experience and we again like to say thank you to all contestants!

> here you will find the winners and a nice picture gallery from the event

Best wishes and good luck from the oldest harmonica maker in the world!

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