June 2016

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Interesting workshop at the 16th Festival 'Mundharmonika-Live' in Klingenthal/Germany

Harmonica player Körrie Kantner from Hamburg/Germany is giving a workshop about a subject which is very often underestimated subject, namely music-theory for harmonica players. Körrie is a song writer and composer as well and will give a step-by-step instruction into "Harmonics for Blues harmonica players" that you should not miss!

Give your sound a fresh breeze in Summer 2016

Here is the SEYDEL SESSION STEEL Summer Edition, equipped with Stainless Steel reeds, a brandnew comb in "sparkling blue" color and silver coated ergonomical covers.

National Harmonica League news: Chromatic Weekend 2016

SEYDEL supports the 2016 Chromatic Weekend, which is held June 25-26 in Birmingham, UK.

The new CHROMATIC DE LUXE STEEL - designed Sound

The DE LUXE STEEL is a professional chromatic harmonica with excellent playing features, a full and clear tone and very good airtightness. It is equipped with SEYDEL's unique Stainless Steel reeds the keys of C, G and in C-Orchestra tuning (LE, LF, A, Bb and D in preparation).

The new half-moon shaped silver-plated mouthpiece is designed from the scratch and provides


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