July 2016

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SEYDEL on Tour: the biggest harmonica event in the US - the SPAH Convention 2016 in San Antonio/Texas

We are happy to attend and sponsor the annual meeting of the "Society for the preservation and the enhancement of the harmonica" - in short SPAH!

If you have no other plans visit this great event (9 - 13 Aug) in the city center of San Antonio (TX).

No other hamonica meeting offers such a big and high-class selection of concerts and workshops from internationally known artists. This makes each SPAH convention a unique experience - 'Alamo City' will be a melting point for harmonica enthusiasts and lovers of handmade music!

SEYDEL OVERTONES Episode 5: Interview with the best harmonica player of Poland: Bart Leczycki

Our Polish SEYDEL-endorsee Bart Leczycki is fully fletched musician on the Diatonic and the chromatic harmonica - he masters manyfold musical genres and it not restricted to traditonal Blues palying alone - because of this fact he was voted for the best player of Poland more than once - Bartek plays our 1847 CLASSIC and the SAXONY.

Be curious about PT Gazell's newest interesting video-interview with Bart Leczycki!

The lowest Blues-Harmonica in the world

Alreday checked-out or heard SEYDEL's next generation of Low harmonicas: the 1847 Lows are equipped with extra bold combs and raised coverplates.

Available keys range from LF# (low F sharp) down to LLE (!) (double-low E). This innovation expands our 1847 line of Stainless Steel reed harmonicas to include the extreme bass range. Look forward to the best Low-Harmonicas we ever made - first customer comments confirmed this already!- but listen by yourself:

NEW CD out: "A Madness to the Method" is PT Gazell's newest masterpiece

PT Gazell is the master of playing fully chromatically on his half-valved instruments provided exclusively by SEYDEL. This is a recording that you will return to time and again as each experience with it reveals another layer of the delightful genius of SEYDEL endorser PT Gazell.

His CD is also available without PT's playing so you could play along to his band by yourself!


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