August 2016

Dear SEYDEL friend!

This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE where we keep you informed about all of the latest harmonica happenings.

NEW: all important keys added - the CHROMATIC DE LUXE STEEL

As of now the DE LUXE STEEL with SEYDEL's unique Stainless Steel reeds and the new halfmoon-shaped silverplated mouthpiece is available in the following keys: besides C and G also in LE, LF, A, Bb and D!

Interesting SEYDEL-Workshops at the biggest American meeting for harmonica players: SPAH 2016 in San Antonio/Texas

Many of our endorsers will present masterclass workshops at this year's meeting of the "Society for the preservation and the advancement of the harmonica" - in short SPAH: Jason Rosenblatt (CA), Greg Jones (USA), Jimi Lee (USA), Connor Frontera (USA) Dana & Mary Lou Keller (USA), Bertram Becher (D), John Schaman (USA) and PT Gazell (USA).

If you have no other plans visit this great event at the >"El Tropicano" in the city center of San Antonio (TX) (9 - 13 Aug).

No other hamonica meeting offers such a huge and high-class selection of concerts and workshops from internationally known artists. This makes each SPAH convention a unique experience - 'Alamo City' will be a melting point for harmonica enthusiasts and lovers of handmade music!



Learn more about your instruments in our "Worth knowing info" section

Since many years we are continiously adding interesting information to the "worth knowing info" section on our hompage. You will find a lot of inside knowledge and tips about maintenance, playing techniques, repairs, types of harmonicas and much more.

E.g. we just added the >"Hands-on video" collection where we give the answer to many questions that reached us via email or phone during the last years.


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