October 2016

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Peter Madcat Ruth plays on 1847 NOBLE harmonicas!

We like to welcome Grammy Award winner Peter Madcat Ruth as a new member of the 'SEYDEL-family'.

Since more than 50 years and like almost no other musician Madcat inspires people for the harmonica. He is a virtuoso and his rhythm shows are legendary!

The 1847 family - CLASSIC - SILVER - NOBLE

The 1847, a harmonica, that impresses from innovation but nevertheless fits all traditional demands - a master's instrument for maximum ambitions - Peter Madcat Ruth and many other great players play these outstanding instruments!

> learn more about the master's choice


SEYDEL on tour: Meeting of the National Harmonica League in Bristol/UK, 2016

Since years we meet our British friends in Bristol! Meet us at our booth and attend harmonica workshops for all levels at this year's NHL-festival. You will get to know and hear the entire spectrum of today's harmonica music, there will be high-class competitions and a lot of good vibrations!

Musical Greetings!

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