October 2016

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SEYDEL OVERTONES Episode 8: Interview with harmonica ace Peter Madcat Ruth

Recently we introduced Peter Matcat Ruth as our new endorser. Now he was interviewed by PT Gazell in the current OVERTONES episode. In this video he reveals how he came to playing the harmonica that became a steady companion during his whole life!

Madcat also talks about the first harmonica lesson that he took from no other than Big Walter Horton and about amusing road stories when he toured with Dave Brubeck's band.

NEW: The approved SAXONY Chromatic in new keys

You like to play your favorite song in another key without needing to transpose it on you C/C# chromatic? If yes, the new keys are made for you!

Now we offer the SAXONY Chromatic, except in C, G and C-Orchestra, also in the keys of LE, LF, A, Bb and D! We will carry these keys alread at the >NHL-festival in Bristol, so come along!

> all new keys are available in the SEYDEL eShop now


NEW: Mouthpiece-upgrade for the SAXONY

In the past years many of our customers asked us for a halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece variant for the SAXONY Chromatic - we have some good news: as of now you can upgrade your SAXONY (usually equipped with a trapezoidal-shaped mouthpiece) with our new half-moon shaped mouthpiece!

NEW: Interesting book about what happened in the year 1847

1847 is not only the year of birth of the SEYDEL factory - it was a year of many important events that took place worldwide.

Having grown up in an Irish country house built in 1847, author and historian Turtle Bunbury has long been fascinated by that epic year. Determined to understand its zeitgeist, he has assembled 38 remarkable stories that took place across the planet during those twelve tumultuous months.

> find out more about the year 1847


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