November 2016

Dear SEYDEL friend!

This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE. Since more than 50 years we build the Triola, a wind harmonica especially designed for children's musical education.

What makes the Triola the ideal entry point into making music?

The answer is simple and the concept behind is ingenious: The coloured notes are fitting to the coloured keys of the Triola and put the children in a position to apprehend the locations of the notes in the score - playing fun and optimal learning experience guaranteed!


The ideal Christmas present for young music starters!

Now available in a set: Triola (with approved stainless steel reeds) and five songbooks (a mix of German and English versions).

Books Vol. 1 German issues, Vol.2: (X-mas songs) + Book 3, 4 with additional harmonica tabs and the new bilingual Vol 5.

Practical package + a gratis Triola-backpack!

> here you will find the Triola gift package


Detailed tutor book for the Triola - for children and their teachers or parents (by Eva Hurt)

This tutorial is an exciting and comprehensive tutor book designed to help young students start their musical journey - children learn to read music (colored sheet music) through pressing the corresponding colored keys .

The carefully graded learning sequence ensures steady progress while the full color music entertains and reinforces the learning along the way.

The book is made for children and their teachers or parents who like to learn to play music.

> find the Triola tutorial book here


Simply follow the colors! Naturally with SEYDEL's approved and durable stainless steel reeds!

The Triola is a handmade and hand tuned single tone wind harmonica, designed to teach children from 3 years and above. It has 12 notes ranging from G4 to D6, 26.4cm in length and is tuned to C-major.

> here you will find the Triola with Stainless Steel reeds


Musical Greetings!

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