November 2017

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SEYDEL Harmonica Workshop in Tel Aviv/Israel with Dov Hammer, Ofir Ventura and Roy Rieck

The Israelian SEYDEL endorsers Dov Hammer, Ofir Ventura and Roy Rieck will offer a free Blues harmonica workshop at the the biggest Blues-Festival of Israel (at the'Hanish' on Nov. 22nd, 2017 at 7 pm).

Duting the four-days-lasting >TLV-Blues festival more than 10.000 visitors are expected! There will be 40 Blues gigs in 20 different venues, spreaded over the whole town of Tel Aviv with many international artists performing (>pre-listen here)!!

The lowest sounding Blues harmonicas in the world

Already checked out or listened to these? The unique 1847 Low-models - with an extra thick comb and bold coverplates.

The tonal range starts from the LF# (Low F sharp) and goes down to the LLE (!) (double low E). So we extended the tonal range of our most favorite 1847 models with stainless steel reeds to the extreme bass register.

Be curious about the best low harmonicas, that we ever have built. Many enthusiastic customer arrived us since the release - but the best way to judge is to try them by yourself!

BIG THANKS for a great festival go to the NHL!

This year's festival of the British 'National Harmonica League' was one of the best during the last 10 years with a new visitor record, Many thanks for all the interesting talks especially with new harmonica enthusiasts, to the great artists and to the NHL team for doing their job perfectly !

SEYDEL on Tour: SEYDEL-harmonica days at the Musikhaus Fockers

Together with SEYDEL Endorser Wilf Kiesow the music shop Fockers in Rheine/Germany will offer four free harmonica starter workshops (on Nov.17th at 3-5pm & 5-6pm and on Nov. 18th at 10am-12am & 12am -1pm).

You will get detailed information about all types of SEYDEL harmonicas - from diatonic harmonica to chromatics, no matter if you are interested in Folky music, Irish Folk, Classics or Blues/Jazz!

The workshops are intended to enhance the interest in making music by oneself on the harmonica - please spread the information to all of your friends who perhaps will become harmonica players soon!

Musical greetings from the oldest harmonica makers in the world!

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