September 2018

Dear SEYDEL friend!

This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE where we keep you informed about all of the latest harmonica happenings.

Klingenthal is where it is happening: Many visitors already at the 18th Festival Mundharmonika-Live

Yesterday we started this year's > Masterclass Workshops in Klingenthal/Germany - we are happy that around 75 students came to the cradle of the harmonica to find out more about their beloved instruments!

On Friday, Sept 14th at 2pm the party starts with the 12th issue of the Blues Harmonica Contest > SEYDEL open: Players can still register until Sept. 13th.

We are especially looking forward to SEYDEL Endorser > Son of Dave (UK), who will celebrate his unique Blues-Beat-Box & Harmonica at the big opening jam on Friday night!

On Saturday morning there will be > short workshops at the SEYDEL factory (no registration needed), followed by the legendary live-night with 10 bands in 10 venues spread over whole Klingenthal.

> you will find the full festival program here


Now new in the SEYDEL eShop: The EDharmonica - easy diatonic comes with a full tutorial system

The EDharmonica enables beginners to achieve quick results and offers extraordinary possibilities to advanced harmonica players. On the EDharmonica, notes are repeated in each octave, as is the case with all popular modern musical instruments.

To help you master the EDharmonica, there exist 10 free online courses, beginner to advanced, and over 500 free tabs.

> now new in the SEYDEL eShop


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