June 2019

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This is the newsletter from C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE where we keep you informed about all of the latest harmonica happenings.

The Summer Edition: SEYDEL SESSION STEEL - the ideal pocket pal for your holidays!

The Summer Edition is available in the six most important keys G, A, Bb, C, D & F and only for a short time - this year's edition comes with a mint comb, shiny coverplates and a nice brown leather pouch.


Only for a short time: The Harmonica Of The Month June - there has never been anything like it - the ALL MINOR HARMONICA

The new ALL MINOR HARMONICA combines three instruments in one housing: it is a Richter Blues Harmonica that can easily be switched into a Naturlal Minor or a Harmonic Minor tuned instrument!

Temporarily re-tuning a harmonica? Is this possible? How is that supposed to work?

The secret is hidden under the coverplates: There you will find little disc magnets, that can be moved from the outside. If the magnetic field comes near a certain reed tip the frequency of the tone falls.

So the magnet-sliders allow lowering the pitch of certain reeds for a semi-tone so the instrument can easily be switched into a minor harmonica - and vice versa! Re-tuning the ALL MINOR HARMONICA is as easy as tuning the strings of a guitar!!

> watch and listen to the video about the ALL MINOR HARMONICA

> the unique ALL MINOR HARMONICA is available only for a limited time



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