October 2019

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The lowest sounding Blues harmonicas in the world

Already checked out or listened to these? The unique 1847 Low-models - with an extra thick comb and bold coverplates.

The tonal range starts from the LF# (Low F sharp) and goes down to the LLE (!) (double low E). So we extended the tonal range of our most favorite 1847 models with stainless steel reeds to the extreme bass register.

Be curious about the best low harmonicas, that we ever have built. Many enthusiastic customer arrived us since the release - but the best way to judge is to try them by yourself!


A brandnew contemporary Blues Harmonica Case designed for ambitious players who want (to carry) a little more!

Much of space and perfect protection for 30 Blues Harmonicas, one Chromatic and even more...

> available from now in the SEYDEL eSHOP

My best 12-hole Chromatic - a customer review

"...the Seydel Saxony's artistic malleability is well beyond the norm, and perhaps top of class, with a focused projection due to the metal comb, and clarity I find compelling, with wonderful musical sensitivity which translates into more sophisticated artistic presentations of music, to my ear...and it is essentially maintenance-free...

I highly recommend this instrument, it belongs in your stable of horses. You will play, and enjoy and use it more than you'd think." -Kurt

> the SAXONY Chromatic in the eShop



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