April 2020

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The SYMPHONY 48 Chromatic is the best 12-hole Chromatic we ever made!

Discover the newly developed springless slider system: We replaced the traditional slider spring mechanism with an wear-free magnet system where two repelling magnets serve for an extra smooth, low friction, fast and accurate slider action.

Enjoy the pure harmonica sound with an unmatched clarity and sonority: for the first time we implemented polished stainless steel reeds - these are more durable plus they create a new sound experience.

Best protection: the instrument comes in a versatile and stable carrying case made of durable polymer hard shell!

> the SYMPHONY 48 is available in the SEYDEL eShop


What professional players say about the SYMPHONY 48:

> review by SEYDEL Endorser Neil Adler

> review by SEYDEL endorser Matthias Bröde


Quote of the day: "Nobody can prevent me from playing the harmonica during this summer!" Rainer H.

Start the summer with the new SESSION STEEL Summer Edition that is available in the six most important keys G, A, Bb, C, D and F. This year it comes with a luminous yellow comb, matted coverplates and and a nice black leather pouch.

Watch the >Summer Edition 2020-Video!

> available now in the SEYDEL eShop



Virtual festival: the 6th edition of the Austrian Bluesharp Festival will start online soon

The Austrian Bluesharp Festival starts with welcoming addresses of the organizers and sponsors as well free workshop contents and links to livestream concerts on Friday and Saturday night (with Marc Breitfelder, Roger Wade and the "Charlie Slavik Review").

> find the virtual Austrian Bluesharp Festival here



Please share this offer! Free Harmonica Workshops from SEYDEL for everybody

There is a chance to discover something new every day, like playing music yourself. Music provides orientation and helps people to get through rough times easier. The harmonica is light, small and handy and even beginners achieve fast and enjoyable progress.

You can now use two online harmonica-tutorials for free and without any limitiations:

> www.seydel1847.de/harpe-diem



HARPE DIEM! Endorser tips campaign - seventeen tips out already

Learn something new everyday, for example by watching the playing tips of our endorsers that we are collecting for you at the moment. Our video collection has increased even more and appears to be very popular!

Background: We have asked professional players from all over the world to send us their essential playing tips and we are publishing them for you on >Facebook, >Instagram and >YouTube following our current motto: HARPE DIEM!

> watch and learn now: www.seydel1847.de/harpe-diem-tips



We remain confident. Let’s make the best out of this situation. Stay positive and...

Harpe Diem! Seize the day!


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