August 2020

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WORLD RECORD ON HARMONICA: "The Flight Of The Bumblebee at 225 bpm" played by Ashay Kumar on the SEYDEL SYMPHONY 48

We are proud to present our SEYDEL endorser ASHAY KUMAR TAMTRA from India playing the famous classical piece “Flight Of The Bumblebee” (composed by Rimski-Korsakow) at a speed of 225 bpm!

This corresponds to 15 notes per second and results in 800 notes in only 53.3 seconds which is most probably the highest speed of a bumblebee-flight played on a chromatic harmonica so far.

Congratulations to this extraordinary achievement by Ashay which is the result of his special and hard training of many years.

Ashay has learned the harmonica from his father Shri. Yogesh Kumar Tamta. Today he has a Hindustani classical base and is student of the great classical musician Sri Pdt. Vijay Bajpayee.

Ashay has used our newest model, the SEYDEL SYMPHONY 48 CHROMATIC with its magnetic slider mechanism for his recording.

Find out more about Ashay Kumar Tamtra at our website in his >artist profile on the SEYDEL website.

> watch the YouTube video here



You see, the SYMPHONY 48 Chromatic is the fastest 12-hole Chromatic we ever made!

Discover the newly developed springless slider system: We replaced the traditional slider spring mechanism with an wear-free magnet system where two repelling magnets serve for an extra smooth, low friction, fast and accurate slider action.

Enjoy the pure harmonica sound with an unmatched clarity and sonority: for the first time we implemented polished stainless steel reeds - these are more durable, have a really quick tone response and create a new playing experience.

> the SYMPHONY 48 is available in the SEYDEL eShop


SPAH Convention 2020: join the SPAH Week with many seminars and performances online

The SPAH 2020 Convention in St. Louis has unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

The SPAH organizers are giving you the opportunity to join online for all of the activities presented at no cost to you.

This is a great chance as well for SPAH newcomers to feel the great spirit of the SPAH conventions and the harmonica community in general!

Here is the schedule for all online events: Aug 12 to 15, 2020 - US Central Time

“Doors” will be open each day starting as early as noon central. There will be cool things to watch each day preceding the sessions at 1pm. So come early for a good seat (in the ZOOM meeting) - for sure you also could watch the livestream on YouTube:

> go to the SPAH webpage to join the SPAH 2020 online

> watch the SPAH 2020 as a guest on the YouTube livestream



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