August 2020

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Welcome to the youngest SEYDEL endorser ever - TANCY LIU from China

This young lady is an amazingly talented player and despite her 8 years of age she is an ace on the harmonica already.

Her good sense for melody and rhythm is paired with a quite mature playing technique which is spiced up with the right dose of emotions.

SEYDEL is happy to giving support during her further development as a musician!

TANCY plays chromatic as well as diatonic (Blues) harmonica. Listen to her here:

Tancy on the >SAXONY Chromatic

Tancy on the >1847 NOBLE

From her stage presence you can see that playing harmonica is TANCY's absolute passion !

> watch all of TANCY's videos here



The SAXONY - one of the best 12-hole Chromatics around - a customer review

"...the Seydel Saxony's artistic malleability is well beyond the norm, and perhaps top of class, with a focused projection due to the metal comb, and clarity I find compelling, with wonderful musical sensitivity which translates into more sophisticated artistic presentations of music, to my ear...and it is essentially maintenance-free...

I highly recommend this instrument, it belongs in your stable of horses. You will play, and enjoy and use it more than you'd think." -Kurt

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1847 NOBLE: The highest and lowest tuned Blues Harmonicas in the world

The 1847 NOBLE is an instrument built without compromise. The 1847 NOBLE is available in 31 different key variants ranging from double low E (LLE) up to high Bb (HBb) - this is a world record!

The thicknesses of the combs of the NOBLE instruments are adopted to their pitches: High-tuned models have a thinner comb than usual, standard keys ranging from G to F have standard combs and low tuned instruments have a little thicker combs.

The so-called soprano-design of the high keys as well as the baritone-design of the lower tuned instruments influence the overall playability very positively.

> listen to the lowest and the highest Blues harmonicas here


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