August 2020

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New endorser: Saeid Ghiasi from Iran plays just great on the SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic

Welcome >Saied Ghiasi in the SEYDEL team! Born in 1987 in Teheran/Iran Saeid very early discovered his love for Rock (and Pop) music. As impressively shown in his videos he found his individual approach to interconnect Rock-music and the Chromatic harmonica!

We are very curious about even more videos to come in the future from this exceptional artist!

> here you can watch all videos of Saeid Ghiasi



Innovation from tradition - the new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic

Already a long time ago the engineers at SEYDEL's began to think about the construction of a harmonica that could be played chromatically.

With the new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic SEYDEL reached an interim climax in the development of the chromatic harmonica. The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is the result of more than 170 years of experience in building high-grade harmonicas.

The SYMPHONY is the first chromatic 16-hole harmonica with stainless steel reeds that sets new standards in terms of sound, airtightness, playability, and reliability. The high-quality, contemporary ergonomic design guarantees longevity and maximum playing comfort, leaving nothing to be desired.

> learn more about the new SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic



New CD: Jason Rosenblatt (Canada/Israel) presents a brilliant new CD!

Playing fully chromatically on the diationic harmonica? Yes, this is possible!

SEYDEL endorser >Jason Rosenblatt plays the tenhole fully chromatically and extremely virtuos. He is one of only few players worldwide, who incorporates his Blues 1847 SILVER into elaborate Jazz and Klezmer music.

The newest album "HAR MERON" of his band "Shtreiml" is a veritable >feast for the ears and made for all lovers of high quality recordings and handmade harmonica-related music!

> pre-listen to the full album here



You know the Blues 1847 SILVER already?

Here is a short customer report:

"...these harps are very well made and they sound very good. The notes are accurate, clear and loud and the instrument can be played without the risk of running out of breath. Bendings and overblows are no problem at all..." Chris

> the 1847 SILVER is available in the SEYDEL eShop




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