November 2020

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Since the beginning of this year SEYDEL has opened a new chapter in the production of harmonica reeds: The reeds of our SYMPHONY 48 chromatic harmonica and also those of our Blues Harmonica top model, the 1847 LIGHTNING have polished stainless steel reeds.

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Did you know that SEYDEL offers the largest selection of harmonicas in the world?

No other manufacturer offers as many special tunings and as wide a range of keys as SEYDEL. With our unique harp configurator, it is even possible to have your own special tunings made individually.

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Incredibly balanced sound through all octaves - the SYMPHONY 48 with polished stainless steel reeds

The SYMPHONY 48 with its modern design is not only an eye-catcher, but also offers a lot for your ears, for example:

During a recording session in a recording studio, the sound engineer said: "What kind of harmonica is this? Sounds great - for the first time I don't have to turn down the high frequencies!"

Time and again professional players tell us their little stories, that give living proof of the new sound quality of polished stainless steel reeds very precisely.

In addition to the very easy tonal response and extended durability, it is above all this very balanced sound that makes the difference!

The 1847 LIGHTNING with polished stainless steel reeds - the best 1847 available

It sparkles and shines and sits very confortably in the hand - simply a quality instrument. But what makes the difference when playing the 1847 LIGHTNING?

Professional players tell us unanimously about a very positive sound and playing experience in general and a new lightness and easier access to bendings and overblows. In addition, there is a very well balanced yet loud and full overall sound over all three octaves.

"What kind of witchcraft did you guys put into the new 1847 LIGHTNING?" >Fréderic Yonnet (professional American player)

Our tip for your amplified sound - the SEYDEL HYPERAMP MK II tube amplifier

You are the one producing the sound with your harmonica - this is picked up by a microphone and transmitted through a cable and finally ends up in the last link of the sound chain, the amplifier!

What do you expect from an amplifier for Blues Harmonica?

Incredibly full Chicago Blues Harmonica sound even at moderate volumes? Playing back playalongs on the same device? Real vintage reverb effect with tube-driven spring? Adjustable input for different mics? Adjustable warmly-distorted sound with just the right bite, from quiet at home to roaring loud on stage? Line output for the studio or very large stages?

The SEYDEL Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II, which is manufactured exclusively for SEYDEL by the small workshop >Elektro-Acoustic-Manufakture Haller near Klingenthal, Germany, can do all this and more.

Experience the finest and fat, amplified Blues Harmonica sound as you surely know it from Little Walter - but made in Germany.

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