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Andy Grünert & Greyhound George

Greyhound George and Andy Grünert are a German acoustic duo whose music ranges from Delta country blues to modern Chicago style and soul.

 Their performing style has a back porch intimacy that draws you in and a driving energy that makes you want to dance all night and hope the sun never rises. Greyhound’s mastery of the Delta slide guitar is matched by his delicate Piedmont picking. 

Andy's harmonica licks give power to George’s Chicago style songs, while he mellows out with his acoustic playing, to accentuate the authentic old-time feel of Greyhound's slide guitar work. Greyhound’s original songs, from autobiographical to bitingly topical, show that the future of blues is secure.

George was nominated for the German Blues Award in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and as a duo Andy and George won the German Blues Challenge as the best solo/duo in 2015.

Andy plays the 1847 SILVER: "For me the 1847 SILVER is the ideal instrument - no other model can compare with its sound and durability!

> Andy Grünert & Greyhound George

Andy Grünert
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