Ben Bouman

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Ben Bouman

He seems to be born with a harp in his mouth!

Harp playing is no more than breathing as he often tells people during his private teaching, workshops and courses. To breathe or not to breathe, that’s the question!!

He was inspired by his father who played chromatic harp in a harp orchestra. But very soon Ben fell in love with the sound of the blues harp! This has never changed since then..

This man can make a harp cry, sing, honk, groove, swing.

He plays harp in a groovy blues band called MarbleTones, he inspires many people with his dedication and love for the harp sound.

Blues, jazz, Irish music, pop songs, reggae, rock, ethnic music…no matter what it is, he just wants to play his harp and have fun!!

He’s one of the founders of the Harmonica Instituut in Holland. Their goal is to have everyone in Holland play a harp. Already 9 teachers are united in the Harmonica Instituut.

Thanks to them the harp popularity is growing and growing.

He is famous for his use of the Seydel low keyed harps in his band. His band members call him:
Mr. Didgeridoo.
Playing horn lines on these low key harps is one of the things that are typical for his style. He loves to play unexpected licks, use different approaches and weird sounds.
However, his style is strongly based on the old masters.

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Ben also runs his own homepage , where he offers his customizing to the public. He is specialized on our 1847.

> Ben Bouman's homepage

Ben Bouman
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