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Carla Rossi

Carla Rossi is a modern professional harmonica player from Argentina. She started playing back in 2006, and from there on she got involved in several musical projects on different genres such as rock & blues, jazz and Argentinian folk music. As a result she stands as an instrument referent in Argentina, due to her highly versatile and expressive style. On her studio record "Estudio anacronico", recorded together with Uruguayan guitar player Matias Hernandez her harmonica reaches folk rhythms which traditionally are chromatic harmonicas repertoire, through the overblow technique. On the album, folk rhythms are combined in a very original way with other instrumental interpretations of jazz and rock.

Together with "Duo El Biandazo", which included Ana Camparo on the piano and Italo Segovia on guitars, they were a part of the audiovisual production "Historias de Bolsillo". This was a local production dedicated to the main Argentinian harmonica players, which included a modern folk repertoire for a diatonic harmonica.

She is also part of "La Chicago", a rock & blues band more with than 20 years together and 2 records produced in Entre Rios province. Besides her musical projects, she is one of the teachers in "Escuela de Armónica de Buenos Aires" (Buenos Aires Harmonica School), together with some of the main players in Argentina. This institution hosts people from different regions from Argentina and Latin-American countries to learn to play and study harmonica.

Carla is highly valued and renowned in the musical world due to her distinctive style, developed from a detailed and fine quest on the different playing techniques that arise from several musical traditions. She has developed a unique sound, and opened new paths for the diatonic harmonica into her country's folk music.

About Seydel harmonicas, she says: "When we grow in our career, we need an instrument with a good sound and an immediate response to the techniques we want to apply. Seydel harmonicas answer everything I need and their design is wonderful!"



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Carla Rossi
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