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Dario Tevez

Darío Tevez was born on April 12, 1985 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Since his childhood he was linked to music with different instruments. When he grew up he found the instrument that could never leave, the harmonica. Darío studied Guitar, which would give him the base to begin to play the harmonica of an autodidactic form. He began to travel the different stages over the whole country, until arriving at the best venues of Argentina.In 2013 and 2014 participated in "The National Festival of Dressage and Folklore of Jesus Maria", in 2015 and 2016 was part of the Official Delegation of the Province of Santiago del Estero in the "National Festival of Cosquín", in 2015 and 2016 in the "National Festival of La Chacarera", among others.

Dario is dedicated to playing Argentine folklore, a genre that is born in his province Santiago del Estero.He published a tutorial book and songbook in 2014: "The Folklore Santiagueño in the World of Harmonicas”. It is a teaching method for 12-hole chromatic harmonica and diatonic. It is the first book created in the Province of Santiago del Estero of this kind. It was declaredto be of Cultural and Historical Interest by the Honorable Council of the City of La Banda. and also the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Santiago del Estero declared of Provincial, Legislative, Social, Cultural and Educational showed big interest.

In October of 2015, Darío recorded its first own album, titled "Melodies in Swirl".Participated in the International Tourism Fair of Latin America 2016 in La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In November 2016, Darío participated in the IV International Jazz Festival in Santiago del Estero, performed at the 25 de Mayo Theater with pianist Leo Genovese of New York, The Moroccan percussionist Brahim Fribgane, Bassist Justin Portell from E.U.U.., and the rosarino saxophonist Leonardo Piantino, From New York Lena Stern on guitar, From Senegal Alioune Faye on percussion and Mamadou Ba on bass from Senegal.

At the beginning of December 2016 he was part of the documentary "Una Gira Diferente", commissioned by Mundo Alas, by León Gieco (Argentine musician) to be broadcasted on the Encuentro Channel in Argentina. Musicalized the shooting that took place in the province of Santiago del Estero next to the Ballet ASAIM, 1st National Ballet of children with different capacities.

This is why he plays on SEYDEL instruments: "I choose SEYDEL harmonics for the sweetness and quality of its sound. They have excellent response to the execution time; they are authentic when making bending, trills of language, octavados, and etcetera. They are truly the best harmonicas in the world."

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Dario Tevez
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