Eddie "Big Legs" Martin

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Eddie 'Big Leg' Martin

Eddie switched from using other brands after the first Seydel he played. He met Rupert Oysler (CEO SEYDEL USA) when Eddie was playing a gig in Brevard NC.  

Eddie has shared his SEYDEL story with us: "...My gig bag was full of different models from all the other brands. I had not heard of Seydel until Rupert. I remember I had been working on "One of these mornings" by Little Walter. A third position tune. The first time I tried the song with the Seydel 1847 I knew I had a well made harmonica. The harmonica was smooth to play and tuned just right. I have been hooked on Seydel harmonicas since late 2012.  

I have been playing seriously since the the early 90's. When I was a child I had a harmonica that sat beside my grandfathers chair. He did not play harmonica but kept it for me. My grandparents would not let me play the draw notes afraid I would "choke to death" on something. Later years I listened to tapes read books everything I could do to learn harmonica. Finally a friend of mine introduced me to Mr. S.D. Scotland. S.D. lived about 30 minutes from my home town. 

S.D. could really play. I still get chills when I talk about him. He once told me, "Ed, I got thirteen kids livin' seven boys and six girls." "None of them asked me daddy learn me how to blow the harp." "But I got you down here you big-legged white rascal wanting to learn to blow!" S.D. gave me the "Big Legs" nickname that stuck. S.D. taught me to "record the harp". Listen to someone else and play it back. S.D. passed in 2005 while I was on my honeymoon. 

No one told us of his death until we returned. It was a sad day. S.D. told me one day I would be left to keep his memory alive. I do my best. I am forever blessed for his lessons and time we spent together." Eddie' Big Legs' Martin 


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Eddie "Big Legs" Martin
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